Adam Milligan
Founder, Head Development Mentor

Adam has been building software for over fifteen years for companies large and small across a wide variety of domains. After working on intellectual property licensing at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge, UK, Adam joined Pivotal Labs in 2007, where he eventually became their first Director of Technology. Adam’s work with key clients ranged from modeling signal generation processes for large global banks, to complex custom ordering system integrations across major brands and publications, to some of the most popular consumer apps on the market today. He built Pivotal’s mobile development practice, trained and mentored the technical leaders from widely adopted web and mobile services companies, and provided technical leadership to Pivotal's largest clients. Among those, he was particularly instrumental in steering Case Commons to a successful launch with the state of Indiana. Before founding Groundwork he served as the CTO of DaisyBill.


Masha Rikhter
Software Development Mentor

Masha was first exposed to writing software during her undergrad years at Georgia Tech. After graduating, she began working in hedge fund auditing at Ernst and Young, where she wound her way back to programming by teaching herself to write macros in Visual Basic in order to resolve redundancies in her workflow. Following her passions for creativity and problem solving, she left the finance industry, and enrolled in the Flatiron School’s immersive program to learn more. Masha joined Groundwork as our first novice developer, and has been contributing directly to our clients’ success ever since.